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Welcome to MichFest's LJ Community! 
6th-Aug-2008 03:18 pm
Wolf  - Moonlit Forrest
MichFest Solidarity

In 1976, 19 year old Lisa Vogel, her sister Kristie, and Mary Kindig, created the We Want the Music Collective in Michigan as a response to misogyny, homophobia, and sexism -- as observed by them when they witnessed female singers and stagehands harassed by men at other festivals and venues.

The Michigan Womyn's Music Festival was born.
web analysis

One of the first performers at MichFest was Meg Christian -- whose song, Ode to a Gym Teacher, won her a league of fans as she spoke about how "being a female meant you could still be strong."

Meg Christian's Ode to a Gym Teacher
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